Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The Magic of Christmas..

Christmas Eve at the Allen's is always a favorite for us! All the grandkids get to participate in the reinactment of the Nativity. Preston played a Wiseman & Payton was an angel. As the Allen family gets bigger each year, so does the nativity...Did you know there were 4 wisemen and a horse there? It's beyond crazy getting the kids to cooperate but it is so stinkin' cute and always has us laughing!

Preston's list for Santa this year:
1. A Saw
2. A Blower
(I guess he spent alot of time with Grandpa being his BIG helper!)

Preston came running in our room at 6am on Christmas morning to let us know that Santa had brought him a fire truck...luckily we got him to jump in bed & sleep with us for a couple more hours.And....
Santa came through....he brought him his saw & blower!
And little Payton got her first doll!

This Christmas was so much fun! It was the first year that Preston really understood the whole Santa & presents idea and he seemed to love every minute of it.

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