Monday, October 13, 2008

We Love Grandma Bonnie


(October 12, 2008)

My Funny Memory about Grandma Bonnie:

For those of you who haven't heard this story, I laugh about it now, but it was actually pretty embarrassing.

Scott and I had only been married for a couple months and went to Hyrum, UT with his family to attend Grandma Bonnie's 90th birthday party. As we entered the reception hall I saw "Bonnie" well what looked like Grandma Bonnie in the picture on Scott's parents bedroom wall... about 20 years earlier. "HAPPY BIRTHDAY, BONNIE!" I said... The lady didn't say anything, she just smiled at me and walked away. Moments later Scott walks me over to his Grandma who was standing on the opposite side of the room... The lady I wished a Happy Birthday to as I walked into the was Scott's Aunt Shan (Bonnie's Daughter) approximately 60 years old! Oops!!
Sorry Aunt Shan!


AMES said...

Oh Tina! I love you. We all have moments like that. It's nice that you can laugh about it now, isn't it? Love ya.

The Morton Family said...

Okay, so I am so TIRED of how good you always look, not to mention you are so photogenic!
GO EAT A STEAK you hottie!