Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Lake Powell in June ..

Us in "The Taco"..

Lake Powell this year:
Fun!, Hot, a Sinking Wave Runner, Griswald's Summer Vacation.
Yup.. That about sums it up!
* * * *
Although that makes it sound a lot worse than it actually was, we had so much fun!

This year we went down with Scott's family and really had a blast. We did wake up one morning to a partially sunk wave runner, but after a day at the shop... it's as good as new!

Preston and Payton loved to play in the water and the sand... Payton especially has no problem getting dirty and Preston has pretty much turned into a fish.. he loves to be in the water!

Scott enjoyed wake boarding a couple times and taking the kids out on the wave runners.. and me..I'm always happy when I'm able to soak up some sun.

The house boat is awesome and we really enjoy the opportunities we have to go down.

Scott and Preston playin' in the water..
Payton on her Yacht..

A cute, but sandy Payton..
One excited Preston to be on a Jet Ski!


Becky said...

YAH!!! You are expecting again? Another child?? Are you crazy?? Just kidding. I am so excited for you. Congrats! Now that school is back in lets hook up and play!!

AMES said...

Oh my heck, Tina - that looks like so much fun. Those pictures of Payton are so stinking cute. You need to frame those! I wish so badly that we could have come over that day. Next year - for sure. (if we're still invited) I'm so glad we can finally get back into the blogging world. It is so much fun. Let's please do lunch! I love ya.